Friday, March 6, 2009

You need a CHANGE. And you need it NOW!

Hurry! Offer valid on 6, 7, 8 March 2009 only.
Dear Sekhar (T897739),

It's time you change your communication strategy. Instead of waiting for members to contact you, why don't you take the initiative and contact members you like. Express Interest messages are good for the start, but if you're on the serious hunt for a life partner, we recommend that you become a paid member and start contacting members more personally and directly.

Hurry! Offer valid on 6, 7, 8 March 2009 only.
Benefits of paid membership:
Send E-mails
Chat Online
Call Members Directly
Enhance Your Privacy Settings
Join Online Matrimony Meets Free
For further details, please feel free to mail your queries to or contact 24X7 Live Help.

Wishing you luck in your partner search,
Pay at Doorstep
Click here to give us your name and phone number. We will call you to collect payment at your convenient time.
Or e-mail your address, phone number & convenient time for payment collection to
Call any of the numbers below for doorstep payment.
Ahmedabad - 26560319 Bangalore - 41525555 Chandigarh - 5087018 Chennai - 28297000
Cochin - 2408850 Coimbatore - 4382345 Dehradun - 6457611 Delhi - 46572717
Hyderabad - 27630661 Indore - 4006850 Jaipur - 3201917 Kolkata - 22263908
Lucknow - 4097900 Ludhiana - 4642263 Madurai - 2348848 Mumbai - 28399399
Mysore - 4255541 Nagpur - 6450642 Pondicherry - 4209799 Pune - 65297471
Rourkela - 2500118 Surat - 3025630 Trichy - 2741680 Trivandrum - 2461951
Vishakhapatnam - 6644322

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