Thursday, March 5, 2009

What kind of Lover are you?

     Hi sekhargreen,

Personality Tests have been launched on C2W! You can now find out What kind of a Lover you are, or which Super Hero matches your Personality!

You can also create your own Personality Tests!

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Create a Print Ad for Bingo - 12 iPod Shuffles and a dozen Bingo hampers!
  Design a Colourful C2W Logo for Holi - Win Cash and TShirts!
  Bullet Proof Boss - Win 4 Sony Ericsson W200i's and 28 Pen Drives
     Tip of the Fortnight
There are 24 prizes up for grabs in the Bingo! Mad Ad Video contest. 12 iPods and 12 awesome Bingo hampers. All you have to do is shoot and upload a video ad for Bingo! Mad Angles. Only 8 users have uploaded their videos till now, so if you act fast...there is an almost guranteed prize awaiting you.
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