Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tips for effectively communicating your ITIL plans

March 10, 2009 Published by  SearchCIO-Midmarket.com

Infrastructure Strategies

Targeted IT communications key to ITIL implementation success
Peter Doherty, Contributor

Why are people often the afterthought in an ITIL implementation, when they are the individuals who carry out the processes? One reason is that because the ITIL framework supports IT Service Management (ITSM), it's usually driven as an IT program. The IT department understands process and technology, but not as much people or the importance of IT communications.

Unfortunately, many organizations realize far too late that even if they have designed the best IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes in the world and helped automate them with the best technology, they still need people to drive them. If you don't have engaged and motivated people executing on the ITIL processes, there is little chance of realizing the full benefit envisioned at the beginning of an ITIL implementation and ITSM program.

To ensure that people are not forgotten in an ITIL implementation, an organization must look outside the technology and address the need for better IT communications.

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