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This Week: Virtual desktops get really real for many

March 09, 2009
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Virtual desktops get really real for many
[Margie Semilof, Executive Editor,]

Despite the dismal economic news, there is much evidence that IT shops are not just interested in sniffing around to learn about virtual desktop technology; they want to bite into it and chew too.

With the stock market in a free fall, followed by reports that companies would slash IT spending, it wasn't clear just when this new virtual technology would take off. Maybe the growing interest is a reaction to the positive experiences IT managers had when they virtualized their servers. Or maybe it's because virtual desktop technology is maturing.

It's also possible that layoffs in IT departments could be igniting interest in virtual desktops. We've heard one tale where an IT manager brought in virtual desktop technology to help manage an environment when his support staff was cut.

Whatever the reasons, Bob Gill, an analyst at New York-based consulting firm TheInfoPro Inc., has been tracking the uptick of interest in virtual desktops in hundreds of enterprises. Some of the findings in Gill's study show that although plans for virtual desktops in 2009 are somewhat moderate, they really start to pick up in 2010. In fact, about 20% of the hundreds of enterprises polled said they believe that more than half of their desktops would be virtualized by 2010. Stay tuned -- we'll cover more details of this study on in an upcoming article.

For those just getting started with virtual desktop technology, we've recently posted expert tips that can help the planning process. Brad Maltz, an integrator and desktop virtualization expert, offers information about how to determine your virtual machine per-core ratio. Consultant Anne Skamarock helps IT shops match virtual desktop technologies to user needs. And for those who are looking further out and wondering just where virtual desktops intersect with concepts of cloud computing, we've begun a series by Tom Nolle, a consultant and developer, to help connect the dots.

As always, we'd love to hear your stories about plans for building virtual desktops in your enterprise. Please email me at

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