Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spread the Smile

Spread the smile

51 million. That's the number of old people living below the poverty line in India. You know them, you've seen them – outside your grocery store, on crowded street corners, on railway trains and platforms – and you have ignored them. Most of them, now too old to work, are reduced to begging for their lives. Even the bare necessities of food, clothing or shelter are a luxury they don't have. And what they do have probably requires medical attention. But who cares, right?


Well, the folks at HelpAge India do. They're a non profit NGO, dedicated to the care and welfare of the aged in need among us. And they could use a little help.
If you care to help, here's all you have to do. Simply log on to and register for a free email id. And we'll donate Rs. 5 on your behalf to HelpAge India.
What is that… a few minutes of your time and a couple of clicks? You'd be buying someone breakfast or lunch. Think about it.

Oh and if you care to do little more, you could forward this mail to a few friends and help spread the word.


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