Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Simplify Windows application access

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Simplify Windows application access with application publishing and load balancing with this cost effective alternative to Citrix
If you use Microsoft Terminal Services, then you already know the platform´s many benefits, when it comes to centralizing application access and security. But did you know that Terminal Services can do much, much, more? With Propalms TSE, you can extend Microsoft Terminal Services with application publishing, virtual desktop broker, seamless windows, resource-based load balancing, simple Web-based management, session management, server health monitoring, reporting, virtual IP, single-port relay, universal print driver, application access via desktop shortcut, and a whole lot more. Try Propalms TSE, and see what a difference it makes for you, your applications and your users! Download it today!


Get a whole new perspective on your network!
What´s going on in your network? You can watch the blinking lights, or navigate through complex management applications ? but today´s networks are too complex to understand without a lot of effort. That means that all too often, your high-end management software is only used after something goes wrong and your admins get an error alert. Want to be proactive? Want to be able to detect potential problems before they turn into service outages? Check out WhatsUp Gold, the comprehensive network management solution from Ipswitch. With more than 70,000 networks around the world monitored 24x7 from anywhere, WhatsUp Gold is the one tool your admins really need. Try it for yourself: Download the full WhatsUp Gold package, and use it without limitation through March 31, 2009. Try it today!


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