Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reminder: Don't miss our Network Management Virtual Seminar on March 12th

As an IT pro responsible for the network you're probably being asked
to add more applications and devices all the time, along with the
pressure of cutting costs all at once. So how do you ensure your
network runs smoothly while balancing all these factors? What
processes are most important to your business success and how do you
identify them? And most importantly, how do you keep your network
afloat under the ever increasing weight of what it's forced to carry?

Get answers to these most pressing questions on Thursday, March 12th
at the Network Management Virtual Seminar, "Managing Applications on
the 21st Century Enterprise Network." Listen to networking experts
Jim Metzler, Peter Sevcik and Zeus Kerravala, and get the chance to
chat with them live after their presentations. Find out how to
proactively put new management tools and technologies to work in
order to reap the benefits of increased business productivity and

New applications, services and technologies are most likely making
your life more difficult - including virtualization of desktops and
servers, automation, SOA, high-bandwidth applications and more. Most
likely, these endeavors are decreasing your ability to monitor your
network as well as you would like and that's why
has put together this expert virtual seminar on March 12th to help
you confront these challenges head on - and come out on top.

Attend this virtual seminar and get expert advice and insight on:

* Prioritizing network traffic
* Measuring WAN performance
* Optimizing and accelerating applications
* Tackling challenges created by new technology
* And more

Make sure you get to be a part of this unique event -- register

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