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Paths Of Glory by Jeffrey Archer: Save 30%

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Book Title: Paths Of Glory

Author: Jeffrey Archer

Indiaplaza Rating: Highly Recommended

Indiaplaza Discount: 30%

We have a confession to make. When we first heard that Jeffrey Archer's new novel "Paths Of Glory" was going to be a non-fictional, biographic work on the life of George Mallory, we were like "Hmmm, non-fiction? Biography? Let's wait and see."

We are happy to announce that our misgivings were misplaced and the wait has been worth it.

"Paths Of Glory" has Archer at the top of his form and writing arguably one of the best books of his career.

First, the plot and it is no secret as such.

Search for George Mallory on the web and you can get to read massive stuff on him.

Mallory was a British mountaineer who led 3 teams to climb the summit of Mount Everest in the 1920s. On his third expedition in 1924, he and fellow climber Andrew Irvine disappeared for ever, just a few hundred metres from the summit. Mallory's body was found 75 years later in 1999 and whether he managed to reach the summit of Everest before he died has since remained a subject of speculation.

History of course records Edmund Hillary and sherpa Tenzing Norgay as the first people to set foot on the summit of Mount Everest, 29,002 ft above sea level, the highest point on earth, in 1953. It is also reported that when Hillary and Norgay reached the top, they actually spent time looking for some evidence of Mallory.

Archer takes the life of George Mallory, weaves in some artistic license and the result is pure magic.

Not once do you get the feeling that this is a biography or a non-fictional piece of work. On the contrary, Archer writes with such assurance as he builds the life of Mallory from his childhood, his early interest in climbing, the people who helped him, his friends and fellow climbers, his wife Ruth and their children and finally the various assaults on Everest that unless you knew Mallory was a real person, you would feel this is top class fiction.

As for the ending – we are avoiding spoilers here – the speculation on whether Mallory ever reached Everest provides the grist to the final climactic scenes on base camp, over 27,000 feet above sea level.

Terrific is the word we would use to describe this outstanding tale of loyalty and courage.

Read it for one of the best of Jeffrey Archer.

Read it for George Mallory and feel for him as he makes his attempts to reach the highest point on earth.

"Paths Of Glory" by Jeffrey Archer is now available at Indiaplaza at 30% discount and ships within 24 hours.

After reading ''The Paths of Glory'', we are reasonably sure your interest in the assault on the ''Everest'' will be aroused. We recommend you take a look at these books.

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You may also be interested in Robert Grave''s autobiography '' Good Bye To All That''. Graves was a student of Mallory''s and fondly remembers Mallory in his book. (Save 25% on Indiaplaza)

Indiaplaza.in Team

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