Monday, March 2, 2009

Offers Galore

Offers Galore

Tuesday Tornado and Friday Frenzy Offers at IN Shopping

Posted: 01 Mar 2009 07:32 PM PST which is part of the Network18 Group has its own exclusive shopping portal at IN Shopping which actually has come up with an auction type of offer where you can buy products at around or less than 1% of the MRP rate of the particular item that you place an order of. This is an auction-type of offer which opens only on Tuesday and Friday of every week at exactly 3 p.m. during these days where you can bid or buy the item displayed. You should have luck as well as fast fingers to buy the same quickly in order to be selected as the winner.

IN Shopping conducts auction or offer twice a week on Tuesday and Friday namely Tuesday Tornado and Friday Frenzy respectively. The bidding or buying option starts exactly at 3 p.m. of the above days. The product changes every week and you will get the chance to buy the products, mostly electronic, at even less than 1% of the original MRP rate of that particular product. The first person who places the order and who gets the approval from them is selected as winner on that particular date. You can only place one order during this offer with the help of a credit card and hence cannot buy multiple products. You can use only credit card to pay for this offer and no other mode of payment is accepted.

If someone has won either the Tuesday Tornado or Friday Frenzy then he/she is not eligible to buy or participate again in this offer at

The selection of winners is purely done by IN Shopping and there will be only one winner for the Tuesday Tornado as well as for the Friday Frenzy offers.

If you have paid using your credit card and if you have not been selected as the winner, then the paid amount will be refunded by them in 7 days to your credit card account.

To let you know the real value of this offer, you can check out the prices of some of the products that was sold using this offer previously: Nokia 3110 was sold for Rs. 5 at one of the Tuesday Tornado. Similarly an iPod Nano 8 GB was sold for Rs. 9 only in one such day at Friday Frenzy. And also a Sony digital camera worth Rs. 7490 was sold for Rs. 7 once.

You can also have the option subscribing to receive mobile alert through SMS just before the offer comes live at their site. You can submit your mobile number at their site to receive the alert. But ever since I subscribed to it, I have received the alert only at least 15 minutes late, no idea why and by the time I visit the site to buy the product, it would be too late. Instead you can set a remainder on your mobile yourself on these days just before 3 p.m. to visit the site to bid or buy the products at unbelievably cheap or almost free option. What is more worthy about this offer is that there are no hidden charges to you and even the shipping is free. You pay the price mentioned for the product and if you are lucky enough you can get that particular product at that price.

If someone reading this has indeed won any product with this offer, can mention it in the comments here so that we will know for sure that this works and not just a promo gimmick adapted by them to get the much needed publicity with this viral promo.

This is an offer with very few percent of chance to win provided you have luck and hence try it at your own discretion. But remember that this offer happens twice a week every week.

Visit this page to start on your bidding or buying process every Tuesday and Friday. It is better that you subscribe to mobile alerts to make it easier for you to remember to visit that page to buy the same.

If you wish to receive more such offers and deals daily delivered in your email, you can actually subscribe to this blog via email or through a blog reader.

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