Friday, March 6, 2009

Mastering change management with database projects and Visual Studio Team System 2010

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Databases, VSTS and Change Management
It’s a paradox: Change management leverages the power of databases, but when it comes to managing the development of database projects themselves, change management is often forgotten. Fortunately, that’s all changing in Visual Studio Team System 2010, as you can see in this fast-paced, but informative, video. In nine minutes, Brian Randall, a VSTS MVP with PluralSight, will walk you and your team through the new CM features of VSTS 2010. You’ll be amazed – and delighted – at what Brian shows you. It’s a quick video, taught by one of the industry’s leading experts on Visual Studio Team System. Watch it today!


The Bigger the Project, the Bigger the Toolbag
Software developers need tools– lots of tools. Not just IDEs for their desktops, of course, but a wide range of backend systems as well. The bigger the team, and the biggest the project, the greater the need for requirements management, source code management, version control, build management, asset repositories and so-on. This fascinating technical paper, from software expert David Chappell, walks us through the evolution of application lifecycle management tools — and then shows us where the technology is heading. The paper offers practical advice for software development managers and team leaders who want to keep their projects flowing efficiently, and who don’t want to see bottlenecks or ‘impedance mismatches’ caused by tools that don’t interoperate, integrate or scale. Read this paper today!


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