Thursday, March 12, 2009

IT Knowledge Exchange Community Update for 03/12/09

Here is what's happening in our community lately:

-> Knowledge Points Amazon giveaway
-> We're on LinkedIn!
-> Want an IT Knowledge Exchange t-shirt?
-> Member of the week
-> Featured questions
-> Featured blog posts
-> Messages from the TechTarget network

Knowledge Points Amazon Giveaway Correction

The Knowledge Points contest ends tomorrow. Will you be one of the
top ten members who wins an Amazon gift card? Visit the blog post for
more information:

We're on LinkedIn!

We have recently created an IT Knowledge Exchange LinkedIn group. If
you are a member of LinkedIn, come and join the group. You can
network with your fellow members and continue the discussion. Visit
the group here:

Want an IT Knowledge Exchange T-Shirt?

IT Knowledge Exchange is currently running a promotion to welcome new
members -- ask and answer one question each, and you will be eligible
to receive an IT Knowledge Exchange t-shirt. Visit the blog post for
more information:

Featured IT Blogger of the Week

This week's featured IT Blogger is Andy Willingham of Andy, IT Guy.
Andy is an Information Security Officer who learned the ropes being a
security administrator for a financial services holding company. He
first started there as a network admin, and has since gained a wealth
of knowledge that has propelled him into the blogosphere. On Andy, IT
Guy, you can read about security news and events, mainly in the
Atlanta area. You can also gain some insight into his recent trip to
Madrid for the Security Blogger Summit (yes, Spain... I'm a little
jealous), or read his opinion on any number of security-related
topics. Andy recently featured IT Knowledge Exchange in a post on his
blog, here:

Andy, IT Guy is a great blog to visit if you are involved in the
realm of security -- we're happy to feature him as our IT Blogger of
the Week!

Featured Questions

Over the past week, we've seen some great questions come through IT
Knowledge Exchange, but some questions are still waiting for an
answer. Click on one of our selected questions below, and spread the

>> Installing QTP on a VM Server

>> Windows Server 2008 shutdown results in Group Policy error

>> Archiving messages via Exchange 2003/Outlook 2003

>> AD DHCP leased and renamed computers not cleaned up

>> Backup Exec 11D expiring images directory

>> Exchange Server dual virtual servers and SMTP connectors

>> Win2k3 SBS Exchange server with 3GB memory - unstable virtual

>> EMC Network Backup Client/Agent backup for SQL 2000/2005 databases
on PolyServe Matrix

>> Printers supported in Terminal Services?

>> ISA 2004 server installation

Featured Blog Posts

// Browse the sampling of selected blog posts below or go here to
view all:

>> Making a case for VoIP (Unified Communications: Click to Talk)

>> Web services: Part of the Web 2.0 & Semantic Web picture (Buzz's

>> In today's job market, prospective employers want it all (IT
Career JumpStart)

>> Security baseline for small businesses (Security Corner)

>> Saving money & stopping spam - change domain names (IT Trenches)

// Start your own IT blog and earn some extra cash:

Messages from the TechTarget Network

>> Virtual Data Center e-zine

Check out this issue of our Virtual Data Center e-zine, the online
magazine for anyone researching, planning, deploying or managing a
virtualization project. Get expert insight into creating a successful
virtual environment. Check it out now!

As always, we want your feedback.
Send it to me at

Jenny Mackintosh
Community Manager

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