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HDFC Bank Meritus Scholarship Question Paper Crack

Posted: 10 Mar 2009 09:12 AM PDT

If your any relative child is studying from Standard 4 to Standard 9 in India, you can help them to get HDFC Bank Meritus Scholarships by providing answers of the questions asked in IVRS test of HDFC Bank Meritus Scholarship IVR Test.

HDFC Bank plan to give out over 5000 Scholarships ranging from Rs.2,500 to Rs.10 Lakh amounting to Rs.1.5 crore. Check here for more details.

Any child studying from Standard 4 to Standard 9 need to register online here and also need to give mobile or landline number of their family.

After registration candidate need to crack two stage of exam through phone i.e IVR system. Students need to give answers of the questions asked in IVR by pressing number keys.

In this two stages of test, parents or relative can really help too much. They should keep loudspeaker mode ON while IVR test, so all relative can also hear questions. They can also keep computer on with Google search ready for quick search. Use Google in case no one knows the correct answer, guide the child to press correct keys.

After cracking two stage, child need to give written test, question will be based on their class syllabus. Keep touch with this post, asked questions of written test or IVR test will be provided here in this post or comment here if you know.

Registration process is free, but the IVR test is not free, one IVR test will add around Rs 40 to Rs 90 in your telephone bill. HDFC bank is going to make more than 1.5 crore rupees as revenue from telephone operator.

IVR test questions are repetitive in nature, so keep track of questions here.


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HDFC Bank Meritus Scholarship Question Paper Crack

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