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Sit-Ups Exercise is not useful for BELLY FAT Reduction

Posted: 01 Mar 2009 09:20 AM PST

Many people who wants to burn BELLY FATS thinks that Sits-Ups exercise can work in fast away, but the truth is that, it is not a good exercise for the stomach fat reduction purpose.

Any exercise can not burn fat from only a particular organ of human body, all exercise will cause reduction in fat from the whole body uniformly.

Belly fat reduction by exercise can be achieved slowly and  uniformly with fat reduction from other area of body.

It is useless to do only those exercise like Sits-Ups  which causes much stress on stomach. This type of practice may cause harm.

To reduce Belly fat, following thing required.

1. Proper dieting (not to much).

2. Consume more than enough Water.

3. Exercise and yoga. (any exercise will have similar effect)

Belly fat can not be reduced by any drug or medicine, and also it can not be achieved in days, it will take few months to years.


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Sit-Ups Exercise is not useful for BELLY FAT Reduction

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