Thursday, March 5, 2009

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In this week's news: Safari 4 Boosts Apple's Market Share, Flickr video goes HD, Apple Introduces new Macs and more...

We've published interesting premium content about Website aestetics - What has it got to do with usability?

Industry News

» Pirate Bay Trial Ends; Verdict Due April 17 The Pirate Bay trial wrapped up here Tuesday amid a media circus as attorneys for the four accused founders of the world's most notorious BitTorrent tracker proclaimed their clients' innocence to ... read more

» Office 14 Crawls Toward Beta With Office 14, Microsoft has said it will offer desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote as well as versions that can run online in a browser, be it Internet Explorer, Safari, or ... read more

» Apple Introduces New Macs Apple announced updates to its iMac, and Mac mini desktop lines, including a 24-inch iMac that is priced more affordably than ever before and a Mac mini with powerful new integrated graphics. The ... read more

» Flickr Video Goes HD Almost a year ago, HD videos were only available to paying users, now Flicker is opening up its video features to free users, although their HD videos will only play in the SD player. read more

» Safari 4 Boosts Apple's Market Share Apple’s release of its Safari 4 beta has helped push it beyond the 10 per cent threshold for the first time. Apple has topped the ten per cent mark for worldwide browser market share ... read more

Latest Components

» Pure Upload & Image Processor.NET for Visual Studio Upload, resize, manage multiple files and generate thumbnails. Sharpen the thumbnails automatically, rotate your images and preserve EXIF information after resizing your images.A Rich Multi Uploader ... read more

» Advanced Active Slideshow.NET for Visual Studio Bring your photos to life in an amazing slideshow. This control uses amazing effects from the famous director, Ken Burns. The slideshow slowly zooms in and pans across your photos, bringing your ... read more

» Advanced 3D ImageFlow Gallery.NET for Visual Studio Dazzle your viewers with 3D photo navigation using Advanced 3D ImageFlow Gallery.NET. Create an amazing gallery with cool perspective effects in seconds and give your photos stunning 3d and camera ... read more

» Presentation Bundle For Visual Studio Get our best photo and multimedia extensions in one bundle and save money! Three of our most popular components combined to form an amazing presentation team. This bundle includes the ... read more

Featured Premium Content

Articles On Topics Of Most Interest To Others

» Using Slider Controls in ASP.NET 2.0 In this tutorial we will look at a creative and easy way to implement slider controls in your ASP.NET applications. This example will allow users to customize 2 controls on the page by setting ... read more

» Binding Multiple Columns to DropDownControls in ASP.NET In this tutorial we will explore a very common requirement in most web applications, and that is how to bind 2 or more columns to the DataTextField property of the DropDownList control. As you may ... read more

» Creating Summary Rows in GridViews in ASP.NET 2.0 In this video tutorial we'll explore how you can override the GridView control's HTML output and append a total or summary row to the end of the table.Check out the Intro ... read more

» ASP.NET DataSet Tips & Tricks Technically part of the ADO.NET object library, the DataSet is one of the most fundamental and widely used data objects in the .NET framework. Used as an in-memory representation of database/XML ... read more

» Using System.Data.DataSet Part 1 This article which is the first in a two article series will serve as an introduction to the System.Data.DataSet class and how it can be used to work with database data. It is important for ... read more

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Trucks vs. Bridge
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Under Arms
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The incredible peeing dog
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