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Critical network and application management advice from the industry's top 3 experts

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  > From the Editor: Join me and our experts Thursday at our virtual seminar on network and application management


Join me and our experts Thursday at our virtual seminar on network and application management
[Kara Gattine, senior managing editor]

Our enterprise networks are growing ever more complex and dispersed, making network management and optimization even more crucial as we struggle with budget cuts and staff reductions. We know that - as a networking professional - you are always on your toes, employing multiple strategies in your approach to effective management and optimization of your network assets, because business-critical applications are the lifeline of your company and critical to your job security.

So how do you effectively measure application performance on a tight budget? How do you ensure that your network is ready to meet the challenges of virtualization, automation and security? And most importantly, what optimization technologies are available to help you future-proof your network and what criteria should you use to match the best technology to your environment?

This Thursday, March 12th, we'll arm you with solutions for effective network management at our virtual seminar "Managing Applications on the 21st Century Enterprise Network." Independent networking experts -- Dr. Jim Metzler, Peter Sevcik and Zeus Kerravala -- will explore the most important upcoming issues in network management, application performance and WAN optimization and offer you ways to meet some of the challenges you'll face.

During our all-day virtual seminar, you'll have an opportunity to network with your peers from across the country in real time via live chat, visit virtual vendor booths and ask in-depth questions, and view expert webcasts and participate in real-time Q&As with our independent experts after their presentations -- all without leaving the comfort of your desk!

I will be in the virtual environment all day to assist you in creating your avatar or navigating the environment, or just to answer any questions you may have. You can find me in the Networking Lounge -- I welcome your participation and look forward to chatting with you Thursday. Oh, and during the day, we are giving away a 320 GB portable hard drive, a GPS navigation system and two $150 AMEX gift cards. I hope to see you there!

View the agenda and pre-register today.

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