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Compensation & Benefit and Learning & Development Professionals by "PMG USA

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Comp & Ben

Recruitment & Staffing


Certified Staffing & Recruitment Professional

This program develops both the skill and understanding that would help the professionals to implement good recruitment practices effectively in the organization. This program would equip the professionals with the skill and knowledge so that he/she is able to: 

Appreciate the importance of recruitment and calculate costs associated with bad recruitment.

Understand all steps followed in an effective recruitment process.

Analyze requirements and create Job and competence map formats

Screen and Shortlist Application to lower short term attrition using motivational and Image checkpoints

Conduct Behavioral and functional Interviews efficiently and effectively

Create positive perceptions among candidates about the company

Effectively evaluate the candidate on behavior , skill and knowledge

Understand the role of non interview techniques like Group exercises, Role plays, psychometric tools  in evaluating candidates

Understand the latest trends and tools in recruitment including usage of Onet, Quan comm. methodology, Threshold traits analysis , Behavioral event interviewing, Job element analysis, critical incident method

Be familiar with some of the best practices which have evolved in recruitment over the last few years



Certified Training Workshops from Talent Engagement


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Talent Engagement is proud to announce the launch of CERTIFIED HR workshops in India in association  with PINNACLE MANAGEMENT GROUP of USA.


Certified Learning & Development Professional

The program is designed around the concept of training managers. It is one of the processes by which the objective of the organization is achieved.  Training is commonly used which has a wide variety of connotations depending on one's experience and background. The learning manager of a company needs to know how to identify the need of the training, the process of training that will be most efficient to meet the requirement. The program also addressed on how to measure the success of the training that has been conducted and how to sustain the changes that have been aimed through the training.


 More specifically, the programme will help managers to:

  • Help the participants to identify strategic learning areas.
  • To design questionnaires and analyzing the training needs.
  • Be introduced to the basic competency development plans.
  • Helps the trainer to select the right mode of improvement for training competency.
  • How to set clear expectations from the training
  • Creating a competency improvement grid
  • Selecting the right modes of training for competency improvement
  • Helps to develop proper communication skills.
  • Understand their roles in organization and their goals to achieve.
  • Communicate the strategic benefits of performance consulting to all levels of the organization.
  • Link performance metrics to strategic objectives.
  • Analyze performance data for trends and variations.
  • Develop a transfer of training mind-set for learners, trainers, and supervisors.



Certified Compensation & Benefits Professional

The overall aim of the program is to make the candidate have a good understanding and knowledge of compensation and benefits. In other words to equip the HR professionals with the importance of Comp & Ben such that he/she is able to understand the intricacies of Comp & Ben plans, Basic reward system, Global trends in Comp & Ben and is able to Link pay with performance for better Comp & Ben planning.


By the end of this program the participant would:

Understand what benefits the employees are entitled to:

  • Understand the various kinds of tax laws and its perquisites
  • Learn the impact of culture and collective bargaining on Comp & Ben
  • Learn to appreciate the influence of technology & current trend in Comp & Ben
  • Understand the elements of Compensation
  • Create a total Compensation plan
  • Develop & Administer benefit plans
  • Be able to link pay to performance
  • Set up incentive pay plan for the organization  



1. CCBP: 20-21 Mar 09

2. CLDP: 27-28 Mar 09



Please contact the undersigned for more details. We shall be happy to answer any queries about the certification and the programmes. We look forward to participation from your esteemed companies and as individuals.




Binay Mishra
Talent Engagement




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