Thursday, March 5, 2009

Calling all women professionals in your organization

Hello sekhar chandra,

How are you doing? We hope the SiliconIndia network is benefiting you in more ways than you thought. In line with our mission of providing a professional network, we present to you Women2.0 Summit, wherein all women professionals in your organization can benefit from.

Not all organizations out there have a diversity program in place. There is a need for dedicated programs and resources to help women develop their skills as managers and executives. If you do not have a structured program in place, we have an exciting Summit coming up. We would like all women professionals in your organization to benefit from this. We would like you to pass on this note to all women in your company or request your center head of HR to nominate delegates from your company.

Here is an opportunity for all women professionals in your organization to attend the Women2.0 Summit.

In the honour of International Women's day, siliconindia is organizing an exclusive forum for women technology professionals: Women 2.0 Summit on March 13, 2009 across four cities: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai & Pune. At the summit you will find women from all levels of the technology industry. This is a platform for wide range of professional development and networking opportunities. One of the Summits goals is to create a forum where women in technology can be promoted as role models.

At the Summit, there would be four panel discussions on:
Ascending the Corporate Ladder
Women's Work: The Great Juggling Act
Strategic Mentoring: The Power of Many
The Women Entrepreneurs

This Summit is all about how women professionals can reach the next level in their professional life. They will discover how to channel your expertise and creativity into an effective leadership style that delivers results and allows them to stand out from the crowd. The Summit has been designed to enable women technology professionals to expand their network and help in professional development. They benefit from networking, connecting, learning and interacting with women at all levels in their careers, in all areas of technology.

Please note, we have very limited seats. As an exclusive member of siliconindia network, we would like to give your organization the first preference. If you would like to nominate women professionals from your organization, please send us the following details at the earliest. Passes will be given out to those who respond to this mail on first-cum-first-serve basis only. There is no fee for attending the event. Lunch will be arrange at a nominal cost, which ofcourse is optional.

Company Name
Mobile number

There is no limit for number of nominations from a particular organization.

We encourage you to pass on this note to all women professionals you may know of because this Summit is specially designed to help them in their professional life. Also kindly send it to your managers, HR and CEOs so that your organization also benefits.

If you are currently not based in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai or Pune, kindly feel free to forward this note to your friends and colleagues in these four cities.

TIME: 9.00 to 4.30 PM

We will notify the venue to the delegates upon confirmation.

Looking forward to hear from you,


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