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Spring cleaning comes early; new videos

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  > From the editor: Spring cleaning comes early; new videos


Spring cleaning comes early; new videos
[by Eric Parizo]

A big part of what we do as editors is to make all of's great information security content easy to find by keeping it organized.

And with so much ground to cover in the infosec realm, it's not as easy as you might think. That's why we're always thinking of new ways to organize our information so that our advice on multifactor authentication is as easy to find as news on the latest emerging threats.

To that end, I hope you'll find a few minutes to check out our newly reorganized topics section on Think of our topic pages like tags on a blog: just click on the subject of your choice to find all our best content, including news coverage, technical advice and exclusive videos.

The most important change we've made is the expansion of our section on enterprise data protection, which encompasses data classification, data governance, DLP technology and more. We know these are all areas that have become increasingly important to successful information security programs.

So while it may not be spring just yet, we invite your feedback on our spring cleaning efforts. Send us your feedback and suggestions to

More multimedia than ever

I also want to point out some of the fascinating new videos we have available on

For those of you who are still coming up to speed on the basics of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), look no further than a pair of new videos featuring SecurityCurve's Diana Kelley. The well-known PCI expert discusses the structure of the standard, including the various merchant levels, plus best practices and top challenges in becoming PCI compliant. (And if you're interested in greater depth on PCI DSS compliance, be sure to register for our free Mar. 25 virtual seminar on PCI compliance.)

We also have a new video series on virtualization as a disruptive technology. Top security researchers Chris Hoff, Rich Mogull and Dino Dai Zovi discuss the biggest virtualization security threats and benefits, organizational challenges and what's to come for virtualization security products.

Finally my colleague, Senior Technology Editor Neil Roiter, was at the recent Black Hat D.C. event and brought back some great footage, including researcher Vincenzo Iozzo demonstrating an attack against Mac OS X, and the always-controversial Joanna Rutkowska discussing how to attack Intel's Trusted Execution Technology.

You can see these and all our videos in the video library.

As always, we appreciate your loyal readership, and we hope you'll continue visiting!

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