Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1065216IND - Survey on Work

Ciao Surveys
Hello Sekhar,

We'd like to offer you an interesting opportunity to express your point of view. This time, our partner would like to know your opinion about  Work. If you complete our easy 12 minute survey, you can earn INR Rs97.50 for sharing your thoughts and preferences.

You can find the survey here: http://ups.surveyrouter.com/SurveyTrafficUI/STMUI/Page.aspx?pgtid=20&di=E25vCOBz66byrPwgOooGeB4dq9j8tY6tN7OImXJCpszE1E4

This survey will only stay open for a limited time, so please don't wait.

Thank you for your participation!

The Ciao Surveys Team

  click here to take part  
Ciao Surveys

The option to earn money with surveys is currently ticked in your Ciao Account. This means that we may send you survey invitations from time to time. If you no longer wish to participate in surveys, you can untick this option here: http://www.in.ciao-surveys.com/TrafficUI/MSCUI/Page.aspx?guid=bb03564e-ed59-4c89-b071-6f643d7f86c6&pgtid=8&OOL=12
It is our policy never to give your personal details to any third party without your permission. You can find out more about data protection at Ciao at http://www.in.ciao-surveys.com/TrafficUI/MSCUI/page.aspx?cid=18&bid=53&pgid=1184

Please try copying the link onto your browser:
1. Put your mouse over the link;
2. Press down on the left mouse button and move your mouse to highlight the link exactly;
3. Click on "Control" and "C" on your keyboard at the same time;
4. Open your Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.);
5. Move your mouse to place the cursor in the browser address line;
6. Click on "Control" and "V" to paste the link.

Please click on the following link:

Ciao Surveys GmbH
Leopoldstrasse 236
80807 Munich, Germany


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